Intense lifting serum

Containing an ultra-high concentration of collagen III accelerating vectors and enriched with botanical lifting agents, this intensive serum offers a perceptible “lifting” effect for skin that feels tauter, firmer and smoother.

Helps redefine facial contours.
Firms and tightens the skin.
Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.


This refreshing gel serum offers an intense and effective “skin-lifting” action.

  • Collagen III accelerating vectors (6%): unique vectors with the ability to reprogram the synthesis of type III collagen, the collagen that gives skin its firmness.
  • Hyaluronic acid: the benchmark wrinkle-filling ingredient in dermatology, hyaluronic acid helps instantly smooth the skin and visibly “replump” it.
  • Fruit acids (AHAs): induce exfoliation by eliminating surface dead cells. The skin becomes smoother, the complexion more radiant.
  • Botanical lifting agents: for an immediate “lifting” effect.


Apply to thoroughly cleansed face and neck, on its own or under the Cohérence skincare creams. It perfectly sets makeup and can be recommended as an intensive firmness-boosting treatment program for combination skin.